Post Dated: Vancouver to Washington

As promised, a post dated entry for September 10…

I hit Vancouver as planned, and then a headache hit me.  It wasn’t the first one I’d had recently and I had started to suspect something was up.  I checked into the HI Hostel in downtown  Vancouver and ended up laying down at about 6:30 and sleeping fairly soundly for the next 12 hours.  In the morning I was still feeling off, but departed the city for the States.

At the border I paid a visit to the duty free shop and had some fun chats with b order patrol while the searched my vehicle and confiscated my apples and tomatoes.  Note: conversations about apples and tomatoes can too easily turn to accidental double entendres and a more amusing conversation than intended.  I may or may not have a date in the future with a significantly older border patrol officer to discuss my fruits and vegetables. 😐

And then I was in Washington!  Magnificent Washington!  This state has been on my dream destination list for years and years. I’ve only been here for half a day (at the time of writing this, in camp, at 8:30 pm 9/10/12), but it is not disappointing me.

North Cascades National Park is gorgeous.  Its deep valley surrounded by mountains that tower 5+ thousand feet above on all sides.  Pine and Redwood rainforests and milky-blue glacier fed lakes.  Winding roads and tiny, friendly towns.  Happiness.

In camp there is a covered area with picnic tables.  I spent much of the evening there speaking with fellow campers.  Many thanks to Brian and Nancy from Vancouver for their amazing travel tips and wonderful conversation.  Such communal camping experiences should be the norm, not the exception.

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