A Drive Through Utah…

Standing on the summit of an aspen-covered mountain, surrounded by rolling heights of the same vibrant yellows and greens, I was in awe of the varying landscapes about me.

To the west, the aspens gave way to thick pine forests at lower elevations.  Beyond those mounds of dark green, the pine trees thinned out and the hills showed their skin- tans and reds of dirt, sand and rock.  Far away, so red they could still be seen vibrantly through the diluting haze, were cliffs and mountains of rock.

To the south, a valley rich with color, teamed with plant life and small pockets of civilization, thanks to the large lake nestled there. Beyond the valley were pine forests, from which jutted flat-topped mountains, bare and nearly white.

To the west, the direction from which I had traveled, the view was blocked by aspen.  But I’d seen the high rocky places beyond the aspen where trees were more scarce and black cows grazed with their half-grown calves the color clay.

All so different and because I’m currently reading the Lord Of The Rings during my downtime, it put me in mind of hobbit holes, horse lords of Rohan and forest elves…

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