Colorado Photographers

Every year for the past few years my good friend and fellow photographer, John De Bord, has organized a Fall Photography Meet-up in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Though I knew him through Deviant Art for quite a while, it was these meet-ups that finally had me meeting him in person a couple of years ago.  I’ve also met some of my other Colorado friends and fellow photographers the same way (including John Sperry, who has often and generously allowed me the use of his couch when I come into town).

Happily, my timing was on point during the trip for me to make the first weekend of the meet-up.  I drove to Estes Park and grabbed a campsite so that I could be nearby to join everyone for sunrise over Estes Lake.  There was a thick fog bank wandering around town (no, really, it did move about quite a bit during the morning).  It made for some really interesting light…

Afterwards, we all headed for Moraine Valley to photograph the elk, which were bugling away.  Once the elk settled down for the morning we all split up.  John Sperry and I headed over Trail Ridge Road…

…which has gorgeous views of the alpine tundra and surrounding mountains.  It was much colder up there!  On the other side of the park we headed towards Granby and happened across a fun little trail to Adams Falls.  The Falls were more of a ‘cascades’, but it was a pretty little hike at 8500 feet.

Tomorrow the group of photographers are meeting up again for sunrise, so I’m off to bed.  Happy trails….

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