Home, Next Trip, Updates…

My apologies for the abrupt way in which my updates ended.  I had thought I posted one last blog, but it appears to have disappeared into the interwebs.

My three-day drive home went well i.e. uneventful.  I’ve had a bit of time to unwind and catch my breath and now for the mad dash to process as many photos as I can before my next trip.  I’ll be heading to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in another week or so to photograph the fall colors there.  By the time I return home, color should be on its way to full swing here, which means local travel will be taking up some of my time.  It also means LOTS of fall images coming your way soon.

For those of you wondering about the photo giveaway mentioned a few weeks ago (Reno! And Who Wants Free Stuff?), we didn’t quite meet our goal.  But fear not! I’ll be running a similar (easier) giveaway on my Facebook Page upon my return from Tennessee.  Plus, we have some holiday specials to look forward to and perhaps the restocking of my Etsy shop…

Just before sunrise at Niagara Falls, Canada.



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