Mammoth Cave National Park Photos

I mentioned in my previous post about Mammoth Cave that the park’s web site did NOT do it justice.  I had visited, planning on enjoying caves and little else, but this is what I found instead…

Cooking dinner in my campsite was a pleasure, given how lovely the sites were…
In the morning I discovered the picnic area. Lovely!
Just driving about the park provided beautiful scenes…
Spring Green Forest
I only had a couple of hours before my cave tour, but every place I wandered begged for photos…
Fog added an ethereal quality to the quiet morning…
Roads just begged to be explored…
ForestRoadweb Even after the morning fog lifted, the colors of spring and flowers lent their own feel to the place…

2 thoughts on “Mammoth Cave National Park Photos

  1. Beautiful photos. Everyone will want to visit that lovely place! Yes, we must do a weekend trip somewhere sometime. I think you just might be able to put up with mom for a weekend.

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