Trip Interrupted: Chestertown, Tuckahoe & Wye

PlayItAgainSam  After a couple of day’s rest I was raring to get back out with my camera and show Cahlean my neck of the woods.  Our first day out and about in Maryland, our first stop, as always, was to fuel up with coffee.   Lucky us, there exists in Chestertown, a magical little cafe called Play It Again Sam.  We picked up our coffee and I showed Cahlean a bit of Chestertown.   Its a gorgeous little town, and one I don’t spend nearly enough time in.

We then headed on to what was supposed to be our main destination that day: Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge.  Silly me, I forgot  that with the government shut down, national wildlife refuges would be closed as well!  I came to that conclusion while we were still in Chestertown, but we decided to go anyways and hope for the best.

As expected, the wildlife refuge was closed, but the road to the boat launch was open so we were at least able to spend a little time there.  The view is actually very pretty surrounding the dock and there’s plenty of plants and bird life around.

Still, it wasn’t enough to take up much of the day, so continued on, backtracking to Tuckahoe State Park.

Eastern Neck Island
Eastern Neck Island
Tuckahoe State Park
Tuckahoe State Park

Closer to sunset, we found our way to Wye Island where the light made the next couple of hours a joy to photograph.  After so much of making the best of it for the rest of the day, it was lovely to end on a high note.

Wye Island
Wye Island

I’ve high hopes for that last batch of photos and hope to share them with you soon.

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