Another Fall In The Smoky Mountains

I’m finally catching up on my blog entries.  Having gotten behind, I’d been writing and scheduling posts pretty quickly- hopefully not to quickly for all of you!

I can post a little more leisurely now.  My most recent trip was the last week of October into November.  If you’ve followed me the past few years, you probably know exactly where I was– the last week of October is always reserved for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.  Most years I’ve camped there, one rainy week I split my time between camping and hotels and a couple of years, like this one, I rented a cabin with friends.

Renting a cabin feels like the ultimate indulgence to me.  I can get up pre-dawn and head out with my camera, spend all day wandering in the woods or driving mountain roads and photograph every sunset.  Then, at night, I get to settle in with a few good friends, a fire and a hot cup of tea.  The basic and not so basic comforts taken care of, it frees up a lot of my time to work.

When I arrived in Tennessee, the trees around the cabin were all green, showing not a hint of fall color.  I’d never been in the Smokies on that particular week and not found full fall colors, so it was surprising.  I used the lack of fall color to justify spending the first day or so catching up with my friends I hadn’t seen in months, so no complaints.  Soon enough, I was venturing up to higher elevations where the fall colors were in evidence.

I’d been keeping an eye out over the past year for just the right set of circumstances – color, light and scene – to experiment with a particular photography technique.  I found the perfect moment one morning, resulting in these:

“Painting Yellow”
“Yellow Trees”
“Streaking Autumn”

It was an eventful trip, so I’ve several more blog posts in the works covering it.

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