Gloom In Spring

In the longer winter months when I tend to struggle for something to post because I’m not photographing as much, I forget that better shooting weather does not immediately mean more blog posts.  If I can be out shooting in beautiful weather, I’m not often going to choose to sit at my computer instead.   Come summer I’m sure to have an extreme backload of unprocessed photos and half-written blogs whilst my blog fills with quick dumps of photos and information.  Today is one of those beautiful days, but events transpired to keep me home, so you get a blog post of fresh new photos.

Though, maybe not so “fresh” looking.  I spent the day exploring the eastern shore, traveling down backroads on a meandering path towards Assateague Island.  While the temperatures were very spring like, the sky was full of clouds and the atmosphere was one for swamps, vultures and old farmhouses.



The above photo was taken just off a country road.  I’d noticed that there was a break in the trees, that looked both like an old road and a creek.  Its edges were straight, but instead of pavement, there was greenish brackish water going off into the distance as far as I could see.



I think this particular eagle must nest in the area on a regular basis.  I’ve come across him in this tree before, always alone and never in one of the neighboring trees.





Tomorrow I’ll post something a little less gloomy…

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