On A Traveling Day

Travels like the one planned for the Spring are never just about the destinations.  The right route will make a full day of driving just as incredible as a day at a destination spot.

There was one particular day last year that I felt was fairly well captured in photographs.

The day started off in Wyoming with a goal of reaching a good stopping point on the way to Glacier National Park.  There was no rush, no timeline, just my usual rough guideline and the company of my good friend and fellow photographer, John Sperry, who had driven up from Colorado to meet up with me.

The first detour from the road led us to this gorgeous memorial for Red Clouds Victory/Fetterman’s Defeat (part of a couple of sites connected to Fort Phil Kearney, which I’d written about here).


Just beyond the memorial was a beautiful vantage point to take in the Wyoming landscape, with its drastically different skies depending on which direction you were facing.

After exploring the we hit the road again, making small detours towards anything that caught our fancy, and soon passing over into Montana.


We hit rain, which didn’t stop us from exploring.

Because even with the rain, there were beautiful vistas.


And we found ourselves in a perfect spot to catch the fading light during a break in the rain.

Not a single destination, but a full day demonstrating why the ‘in between’ matters just as much.

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