Taking the long, rambling route…

On my most recent trip down to Tennessee, I was accompanied by my friend Cahlean Klenke (of About A Dog photo) who had flown into Maryland from Minnesota to roadtrip down with me. We decided to take as much time as we wanted, and explore every place that caught our fancy on our way down to the Smokey Mountains.

One of our stops along the way was a small town in Virginia called The Plains.



It was so charming, we just couldn’t resist getting out to explore.  One of our first finds, was the Front Porch…


Which drew our attention with its cute exterior details…

And rewarded our attention with cute merchandise inside (as well as some wonderful coffee)…

Walking around the rest of the town we found beautiful buildings, interesting displays and wonderful little shops:

It was just one stop of many that day.  If you’re ever in the area, be sure to drop in, grab a cup of coffee and wander around town.

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