When Half The Picture Is In The Processing

Sometimes, photographing a landscape is more than just choosing your vantage point, your settings and your perspective.  Sometimes, to capture the feeling of the place, post-processing as to step in and help guide the finished image to where it needs to be.

As long-time followers know, I’m in love with the Badlands of South Dakota and always liken a visit there into walking into a painting or an alien world.  The days are always bookended with an otherworldly light shifting through clouds and weather.

Returning to a collection of photographs months after they were taken allows me to not only critique them with a fresh eye, but have a mellowed and more emotional sense of memory about what I felt when standing there in that landscape.  It allows me to “finish” a photo just so.

And so…I give you a freshly baked selection of photographs from my fall 2015 visit to the Badlands. I hope I manage to illicit a bit of the emotion in you that I felt myself.

Thank you for allowing me to share myself and my work with you.

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