On This Day, October 4

Another installment covering what I was up to on this day in past years.

October 4, 2010

I was on day 1 of deciding to make the 2700 mile drive from Denver to the eastern shore of Maryland in 2 days.  I drove from Denver, Colorado to Peoria, Illinois.  There was no time for photographing.  I rarely travel like this anymore.  Its so much more enjoyable and productive to take my time driving (and allowing for plenty of random detours).

October 4, 2011

I was in Colorado meeting up with some good friends and fellow photographers.  Most of the photographers were local to Colorado, but we had a few others come from Minnesota and California.  On this particular day, there were 4 or 5 of us loaded up into two jeeps to split our time between jeeping/mudding and photographing…and skipping rocks at Left Hand Reservoir.


October 4, 2012

I had arrived home from 6 weeks road tripping through the US and Canada the night before.

October 4, 2013

This was the day after returning home from a ‘disastrous’ trip.  I had been planning on meeting up with my friend, Cahlean Klenke, (from About A Dog Photography) in Minnesota before the two of us would head West to photograph national parks.  Sadly for us, the government had shut down, resulting in no access to the parks.  Even sadder (for me at least), I had thrown my back out in a bad way and ended up in the emergency room on my first night in MN.

Its remarkable to note that despite the amount of pain I was in and how immobile I was, my memories of that time are overwhelmingly positive.  How fortunate was/am I to have a friend who was game for driving me back home, so many states away, while I haphazardly navigated while medicated?  How amazing that somehow, by taking a random detour somewhere in Ohio, we happened across a farm on some back road were we got to pet affectionate Wildebeest and not so affectionate zebras?

Unplanned, I got to show my friend around Maryland, navigating as she drove us to all my favorite local haunts.  I got to have my pets photographed by one of the best pet photographers I know.

Remembering that interrupted trip reminds me that all this will pass, I’ll get through these spinal surgeries, and I’ll look back on this time and remember the positives.  I’ll be more thankful for this amazing career that allows me to make such beautiful memories that outweigh all the bad.


October 4, 2014

I was taking part in a Fall Art Festival at the Maryland Yacht Club.  The other side of the job. 🙂

October 4, 2015

Estes Park and Colorado!


October 4, 2016

There are no photos from this day.  According to my journal, my back was out again and I I was cuddling cats under a fluffy blanket while reading and drinking coffee.

But I was up and in the Smoky Mountains only weeks later!

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