Just a woman and her dog…

Poe-the-dog and I are off on another road trip. Today we traveled from the eastern shore of Maryland, through Virginia and ended our day in Tennessee. It was a beautiful drive! Blue skies giving way to gorgeous storm clouds, pouring rain and back to blue skies. The rain clouds were the perfect vision of “heavy with rain” and “sheets of rain”.

(Excuse my poor photography…I took these thru my windshield without looking since I was otherwise engaged in, you know, driving)

Our halfway point is, quite fortuitously, near New Market, Virginia, where my friend, Angela, has a charming little antique shop. We met on one of my previous travels when I happened upon her shop while taking a break from driving and I’ve made a point to stop and say hello on every drive thru since.

Today I had the added luck of stopping by while she was bottle feeding her two foster kittens. So I got to say hello, cuddle a kitten, make some lovely purchases, and Poe got a dog treat and nose boops from an itty-bitty kitty. That’s what I call a perfect stop.

At the end of our drive I checked in at our hotel, then Poe and I went for a walk at Warriors’ Path State Park (https://tnstateparks.com/parks/warriors-path). It was a nice way to stretch our muscles and get some sunshine.

We’re settled in for the night and resting up for another long drive tomorrow.

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