Guess who is on the road again?

The blog has been quiet while I’ve gone about life, taking short trips to visit friends and photograph a bit. But today is day 1 of a 6 week trip, so I’m jumping back into the blogosphere.

This morning started out home on the eastern shore of Maryland. Poe The Adventurer started off in a mood becauseI didn’t get him a puppaccino when I got my morning coffee. He doesn’t agree with this whole eating healthy thing we’ve got going on.

He’s quite good at the sad eyes. I might have to find him a treat tomorrow.

We stopped at what has become a regular stop for me whenever I pass through the area: Wellsir Farm Antiques in New Market, Virginia. I scored a 1966 execution of a government disaster preparedness guide, a brass reindeer, some funky journalsand a super secret gift I’ll be giving my brother at Christmas (sorry, bro, no hints! ).

After that it was a very long drive to our campsite outside Charleston. I had forgottenhow much road work there is on this route! It’s such a beautiful drive through the mountains, but I think I’ll wait until the roads are fixed to take this route again.

Poe and I are already bedded down for the night (in a clean, well-maintained, but ridiculously noisy campground) and will be having out bright and early for St Louis!

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