On to Illinois…

I try to schedule a stop every couple of hours. Its taking life on leg at a time, not one day at a time. Heck, sometimes its taking life a moment at a time. But “good” anxiety days let me have several hours at a stretch.

For this day’s itinerary I had neglected to check to see if the places I planned to stop at were actually open. Oops.

But that did leave me keeping an eye out for other side-quests, which is how I ended up at Centreville Antique Mall – a huge, clean, friendly and dog-welcoming place that provided me with the blankets I’d forgotten at home, a vintage book of short stories, a gift for a friend, a milk glass mug to add to my collection and many hellos and cookies for the dogs.

In Indianapolis, I stopped for lunch at 3 Carrots, who were SO nice even though I showed up 30 minutes before closing time. I got the loaded vegan biscuits and gravy, which was such a huge serving, it served as my dinner as well. My very sweet waitress happily went in search of a couple of carrots for my dogs (What? its called 3 Carrots and its their favorite treat!). I highly recommend this place for both the food and the service if you are in the area.

I ended my day at a lovely wooded campsite at Fox Ridge State Park in Illinois. The campground host was friendly and helpful, the grounds were clean and spacious, the bathrooms were spotless and overall it was just a nice, quiet stop.

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