Surprising The Unsurprisable

My entire schedule around when to leave home and when to get to Tulsa was designed to get me to Tulsa in time to surprise one of my besties for her birthday. Pre-covid, I had visited Natasha every other month or so, but now it had been 2 years since we’d seen each other.

Our friend Reilly was in on the surprise and arranged to go out to dinner with Natasha on the night I arrived. It was HOT in Tulsa and just absolutely miserable to be outside, so going someplace with outside dining where I could bring the dogs was not an option. I was staying at a hotel and on the recommendation of a friend, I hired someone from the Wag! App to come sit with the dogs while I was out to dinner.

I reached the area near the restaurant a little early and texted Reilly to let her know I was nearby. Their schedules had not quite lined up as planned, so they were still an hour out. I told her to get a move on, I was paying the pet sitter by the hour! haha

On their way to the restaurant Natasha asked to stop to run an errand and Reilly told her no, that she had asked a friend to join them and that friend had hired a sitter, so she really didn’t want to keep her waiting. And, apparently, smarty-pants Natasha, who had already been a little suspicious because Reilly had asked her to come out to dinner several days in advance rather than the day of as usual, immediately thought “She said SITTER, not babysitter. Who could it be?”. And then she checked my location on Snapchat.

I thought I was a smarty-pants myself, by turning off my location on Snapchat, but the moment I got the location request from Natasha, as I was waiting in a parking lot around the corner from her, I started laughing. My friend ain’t no dummy. She was still MOSTLY surprised when I walked in the restaurant, so that was good enough for me.

Me, Natasha & Reilly

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