Day Two

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was worried that might happen. I’m generally uncomfortable sleeping on my own in a strange place. Woke up every hour or so, then got up at 5:30. Continental breakfast was ick…I had a muffin and then one of my power bars. On the road by 6:30.

The drive was fine and uneventful. I drove out of Ohio, through Indiana, through Illinois and into Wisconsen. I reached my planned exit in WI and didnt feel like stopping. My next night’s location in MN was one I’d like to spend extra time at, so I decided to drive until I got tired and then find a hotel or campground.

Only…once you get past a certain stretch of road in MN, there really aren’t that many options. I’ve got an ‘eh’ hotel for the night, one I’m paying too much for, but apparently the hotels in this little pos town in the middle of nowhere decided to band together and overcharge because they could. Just means they won’t be getting a positive review from me or repeat business.

Good news is that I’m very close to my desired destination in MN, so I’ll have a lot of time over the next two days to explore there. Bad news is that mood-wise I’m not in a great place today…I’m tired and lonely and having a hard time enjoying myself. Hopefully it’ll pass, but I wonder if I were cut out for the solo-travel thing. Damnit…I better wake up in a better mood tomorrow.

In odd news…as I was driving down the road two geese flew by me, passing on my right going in the opposite direction. About an hour later, two geese flew out of a nearby lake and flew by me, passing on my right going in the opposite directions. About an hour after that two geese flew out of a field and did the same.
I think there is a glitch in the system.

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