Day 11: The East Side of Glacier NP

We decided it was time to explore the other side of the park, so began our day by taking the Going To The Sun Highway to The Loop for the sunrise.  Sunrise was a little quiet for us, giving us little alpine glow and more haze than we wanted.  Photography wise it may have been a bit of a bust, but it was relaxing to sit and watch the sun rise over the mountains, dimming the light of the stars of Orion’s Belt til they disappeared.

Going To The Sun Highway took us through Logan’s Pass, which I think can not be described, but must be shown(which I will do as soon as possible).  The narrow two lane road hugs the curves of the mountains, winding its way up to the pass, providing exquisite views and equilibrium altering heights.  The construction going on along the road adds even more excitement to the journey.

We chose a campsite at the Rising Sun campground.  It was a lot prettier than our last site and the views were amazing.  Mountains towered over us.  Trees and lower foliage gave privacy to our campsite.  While in camp we saw our first real wildlife when two bucks walked out of the woods and grazed along the edges of the other campsites.

We met a nice couple from Canada who camped near us.  While we were out photographing the mountains near camp at sunset, they stopped to chat with us.  The husband remarked ‘I didnt think someone skeletons on their seat covers would be so friendly’.  I laughed…who knew Jack the Pumpkin King from the Nightmare Before Christmas would be thought of as unfriendly? 😉

We purchased firewood as none is allowed to be collected within the park, but we ended up not starting a fire because the danger of forest fires was said to be very high and our firepit was set under the bows of a very dry looking tree.

Our disappointment at not being able to have a campfire was balanced out by our happiness at finding pay showers in the camp store.

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