Day 12: Many Glaciers

sunrise by Saint Mary Lake

In the morning we photographed Saint Mary Lake near our campsite. We finally had some nice clouds to work with rather than the haze of the previous days, and a bit more morning color.  Standing there, I could turn in any direction and meet another beautiful scape.  I did take a very short video with my phone which I will try to upload separately.

After sunrise, we had breakfast at the Two Dog Flats Restaurant next to the camp store.  Our waitress there was great and the chef was willing to edit the menu to provide for me a breakfast burrito made with portabella mushrooms rather than eggs.  It was a tad pricey, but the food was good.

We departed the Rising Sun campground, which was closing at noon for the season, and headed for Many Glaciers.  Many Glaciers has a large beautiful campground and trails and scapes in every direction.

We went exploring.  We visited the couple of tiny shops in Babb, then took the Chief Mountain International Highway to the Canadian border.  I joked that I might ask if I could just step over the border and back without a passport but the border patrol guards were sour-faced lot.  They have no sense of humor that they are aware of.  We did check if they had a duty-free shop at that location, but they didn’t and we left their grumpy selves alone after that. (According to Dani, we should’ve gone to the  next border crossing and visited with the Canadian patrol guards there who DID have a sense of humor.  Maybe next time…)

On our return trip we stopped to photograph a young black bear who was foraging along the road.  Sadly, my camera had some sort of problem and half the photos it shouldve taken never made it to the memory card.  It hasn’t happened again since, but I’m keeping an eye on it.  It’d really bum me out to lose a camera right now.

For sunset we went to Swiftcurrent Lake, planning to travel the nature trail around the lake.  We’d gone only a short distance down the trail when we came across a rather larger pile of fresh bear scat and headed back the way we’d come as loudly as we could.  We settled on the lakeshore closer to the trailhead and out of the trees.  The sunset was amazing and the location couldn’t have been better.

To commemorate our last night in Glacier, we roasted marshmallows over the campfire (mine were Dandies Vegan Marshmallows!) and listened to tunes on my ipod.  Good times…


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