Review: Lotus Cafe in Jackson, Wyoming

As I mentioned in my last post, I was thrilled with Lotus Cafe (  I came across them by chance while exploring Jackson, Wyoming.  I’d first thought to grab breakfast and coffee at a separate location I’d spotted (I don’t recall their name…Organic something), but the first place I spotted was closed on Sundays.  I brought up Happy Cow ( on my blackberry and did a search for vegetarian friendly restaurants in town.  Up came a small list, including Lotus Cafe which stated it was vegan friendly.

And, boy, are they ever!  Nearly their entire breakfast menu was available as a vegan option.  They source many local, seasonal and organic ingredients and their creativity shows in their delicious menu options.

It took a bit of consideration, due to their many options, my wanting to try absolutely everything and my habit of procrastinating, but I finally chose “The Custom”.  The Custom consists of Tofu Scramble, zesty breakfast potatoes, quinoa, steamed kale and a choice of sesame ginger sauce, béarnaise style citrus sauce or salsa & sour cream (I chose the béarnaise).

The tofu scramble was the best I’d ever tried, very close to my own recipe, having that touch of cumin and having been pressed enough to express all that extra liquid.  The breakfast potatoes were delicious and made with rosemary and other herbs.  The quinoa and kale were perfectly cooked.  After so much camp food and ‘make-do’ food, I savored the kale, then the quinoa, then the tofu and couldn’t finish the potatoes.    I felt like I was eating a high-end meal in a bistro setting.

The coffee was outstanding as well (I had four cups!).  They had almond milk and agave nectar on hand for me to have it just the way I wanted.

My waitress was friendly, energetic and warm.  The atmosphere was cozy while not being cramped.  The prices were outstanding for the location and ingredients and talent of the kitchen.

My only complaint is that I only found them the day I was leaving the Tetons.  This restaurant has made my MUST VISIT list of places out west….or anywhere else for that matter.

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