Day 19: Greetings from Colorado

My campsite last night was in the Pole Mountain Area of Medicine Bow National Forest .  It was surrealy beautiful.  I think it may become a more scheduled part of my route whenever I come out west.  I would love to be able to spend more time there photographing.

This morning I’d hoped to capture a sunrise, but at these elevations, and without any clouds, the color of sunrise is short-lived and best captured with the use of a tripod.  Unfortunately, this morning I was blasted by some serious (and COLD) wind while trying to do this and I’m afraid I may have failed miserably.  It was still beautiful and exhilerating and a taste of what I could capture should I visit again.

My next destination was Denver, Colorado.  For the next two weeks I’ll be in this general area (and Rocky Mountain National Park, shooting with several friends I have here.  I’ll be staying with my good friend, John, who has considerately offered up his place for the duration of my visit.

He had suggested that on my way to Denver we could meet at Carter Lake in Mesa County of Colorado, so thats what we did this morning.

Carter Lake is a beautiful spot and I even got to take my Element down on the beach.  Sort of a tiny off roading experience for my low-riding Element, but fun nonetheless.

We continued on to Denver and I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands, or rather, taking advantage of John’s willingness to drive me around to all the stops I needed to make.  I was especially enamored with Sunflower Market which is like a friendly, less-snooty, more affordable Whole Foods.  Now I’m stocked up on foods other than energy bars and instant soups and vegan jerkie.  It’ll be nice to have a real kitchen for a while.

This evening will be spent catching up on my online work, my blog, my correspondance and researching some places to photograph in the area.  I may see about getting some of my photographs uploaded to the computer if I can stay awake long enough…

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