Day 20: *pause*

I need to remember to take care of small details like resting, drinking fluids and eating enough when I’m running around.  Several of the campsites I’d stayed at had water that tasted a bit icky, so I’d not been drinking enough over the weekend.  I drank very little water on Sunday and on Monday morning, despite being pretty active.  I sort of skimped on the eating as well.  I used up the last of my energy bars and vegan jerky and didnt feel like taking the time to cook.  I know, I know…dumb.

Last night my body finally said ‘Alright. Enough. Since you aren’t taking the hint and drinking more water, its time to play hard ball!”.  In other words, I felt like crud.

So, I slept, I drank tons of water and I took it easy today.  I transferred about 60GB of photos from my memory cards to my laptop, charged my camera batteries and generally did nothing at all.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be catching the sunrise at Rocky Mountain National Park.  I’ll be sure to fill my water bottles before I leave.


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