Day 36- Part 1 of heading home…

I departed Denver shortly before 5:30 this morning, then turned back 15 minutes later because I’d forgotten to return John’s apartment key.  Figures.  I was still on the road by 6.

I made decent time and rolled into Kansas a few hours later.  Immediately, Kansas set out to make a bad impression.  Road construction began for the first quarter to half a mile, dropping the speed limit to 60.  Then it returned to 75 for about half a mile.  Then construction for half a mile.  And back and forth for the first 7 miles or so.  Maybe they were trying to be funny.

Then the wind kicked up.  For hours I drove fighting gusts of wind every inch of the way.  My usual mpg dropped from 25-28 down to 17 through two entire tanks of gas.  Added to this fun was the adenture of dodging motor homes whose drivers couldnt contain themselves within thier own lanes for more than 20 feet at a time.

Then came the bilboards. There was the one  that read “Prairie Dog Town! Russian Boar! LIVE FIVE LEGGED COW! This Exit!” and then the ‘Adoption Stop a Beating Heart’ sign with bullet holes in it.

Also, I-70 is a toll road and the ONLY route I’ve taken which only accepts the transponder boxes from thier own states program.

Yes, Kansas was interesting.  I’ve been there and will likely never return. 😛

I made it into Effingham, IL shortly after 9 pm.  The first hotel I’d noted was booked, but the second I tried was nicer and I got a better deal due the awesome desk guy who “pfffed” at priceline’s deal.

Up bright and early in the morning to head the rest of the way home!

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