Day 37- Part 2 of heading home. Made It!

The day started out with me sleeping an hour longer than planned because while I realized I was now in Central Time, I’d forgotten to tell my cell phone.  Oops.

But I was still up at 7 and out the door shortly after, having repacked my car, decided against the hotels free Maxwell House coffee in styrofoam cups and checked what brand the mattress was so I could buy one when I got home.

The drive was much easier than the day before, namely because there was no Kansas.  Besides a few stops for gas I kept a steady pace until I needed to find lunch.  My husband kindly checked Happy Cow for Columbus, Ohio, which was only an hour or so away at that point.   I’ll be posting a review for “Loving Hut”, where I had lunch, separately after I finish this entry.

After lunch I continued on.  I ignored my GPS in favor of staying on 70 all the way, avoiding Western Maryland where  twice in a row I’ve gotten bombarded my insane rains that made me pull over to wait them out.  I didn’t lose more than a few minutes in time taking 70 all the way and before I knew it I was in familiar territory.

I got home around 9:30 and spent very little time awake.  I awoke very confused at one point in the night wondering where the heck I was, which I found funny once my head cleared.  I guess I’d been away too long for my subconscious to remember my own bed. 🙂

So, now comes the huge task of processing all these photos, which must first be transferred from my laptop to my desk top.  I  better get to it…I’ve only got a couple of weeks before I’m heading down to Tennessee to photograph the Smoky Mountains and meet up with my dear friend, Pam.

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