A little road trip…

I’m heading up to Pennsylvania this evening to meet up with a friend of mine.  Tomorrow we’ll be driving to Connecticut where we will spend two days before heading to Massachusetts for another couple of days.  Not a long trip, but one that will help me break out of this cabin fever I’ve started experiencing.

I’ve started mapping out my next big trip, which will likely start in April.  I’ll be heading down the coast to FL before heading west towards CA.  I’m having a hard time picking and choosing which locations to stop at.  Its very tempting to drive through the Smoky Mountains on my way south, but I’ve never driven all the way down the coast, so I’ll be doing that instead.  The Outer Banks, Savannah GA and New Orleans are all on my itinerary so far. After that things get a little fuzzy- I’d like to visit Roswell NM, Joshua Tree National Park and The Grand Canyon, but no details have been hashed out yet.  Feel free to chime in with recommendations. 😉


One thought on “A little road trip…

  1. Sounds like fun! I’m envious! But, I’ve got my own trip to plan for, only I’ll be going much slower–I’m walking across America, myself. Leaving Florence, OR in April and arriving in New York (if all goes as planned) in November.

    Good luck with your trip! And have lots of fun! I plan to. 🙂

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