I returned yesterday evening from four days exploring New England.  This wasn’t originally planned as a photography oriented trip, so photography time wasn’t budgeted in, but I did find quite a few places to tempt me into another trip North soon.

On Friday I got to see a bit of NJ besides the highway and it wasn’t as horrid as I’d been led to believe (not to mention I met a couple of really nice characters that live there, including the owner of The Cinnamon Snail), so I’m much more willing to explore more of NJ now.

Later in the day I visited The Shoreline Diner in Guilford, CT.  They tout themselves as having a great vegan selection and while they did have a decent vegan selection the dishes were not very ‘Diner-y’ in taste or prices.  Still, the food was good and the company was excellent.

My travel buddy and I stayed in the New Haven area for the night.  We had plans to head elsewhere on Saturday, but the winter storm had other plans for us and we holed up with a friend and watched the snow build up.  I hadn’t expected there to be much snow on this trip, so I had not packed appropriate wear.  I should know better by now- always come prepared for any eventuality.  I’m now on the lookout for a good pair of winter boots to keep in my car…along with extra gloves, a hat, scarf, thermals and hand warmers.

We spent another night in the New Haven area.  Sunday the roads had cleared and we were on our way to MA.  We had lunch at Grasshopper Restaurant where I was introduced to their amazing ‘No Name’ dish.  Afterwards, we wandered around Boston a bit more and I saw a lot of fun looking areas while trying not to lose my cool at the way Boston’s roads are mishmashed together.  I’m amazed at the variety of neighborhoods in Boston and the amount of historical places.  I could wander there for weeks…but likely only if someone else were driving.  If I were driving I might never find my way out again.

Sunday night we spent in Concord, MA.  We didn’t arrive until after dark and we only had time to drive through town on our way out the next morning, but from what I saw and the stories our hosts told us, I believe Concord will be a destination point for me on my next  trip North.  There’s a lot of interesting history there, complete with founding families and ghost stories.

As Recon Missions go, this one was a success.  Besides all the places I actually saw that I would like to visit, I received a lot of inside information from the locals.  Question is…do I want to return in Winter, Summer or both? (Spring is already spoken for…)

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