Why So Quiet?

I figured it was about time I posted an update and explained why the blog has been so.very.quiet. the past few months.

I’m still dealing with the back issues that started up while I was down in Florida.  Things have improved and, for the most part, I’m past the really gnarly part of not being able to walk and being constantly under the influence of painkillers.  Unfortunately, I still haven’t healed/recuperated enough to undertake any notable travels.  I finally finished physical therapy a few weeks back, but soon after I had further complications so I’m back to visiting doctors and trying not to aggravate things.

But, don’t think for a second that I haven’t been working during all of this.  I’m nearly convinced that if I went this long without a creative outlet, my brain would explode or implode (depending on the breed of artsy type thing wanting to escape).  I’ve been drawing and painting and writing up a storm.  The writing you’ll likely never see, but it was a good outlet during the worst of my recuperation time.  If you’re following me on Facebook you’ll have seen a few of the drawings and paintings.

For those interested in seeing more of my non-photographic art, I’ve created a gallery for them on my photography web site.

Hopefully, the doc can fix me up soon so I can get back to traveling and photographing.

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