Travel Surprises

One of my favorite things about traveling is the surprises we find along the way.

I usually start out with loose guidelines as to where I’m going, where I’m staying and when.  I try to find multiple stops along the way to allow for the most flexibility.  Sometimes my plan or guideline consists of “drive from point A to point C with an overnight stop at as yet to be found point B”. 

That plan formula was how I found myself camping in Medicine Bow National Forest on my way from Yellowstone National Park to Denver, Colorado.  I had pulled out my map, pinpointed a few tent icons at a likely stopping point (ie along fifty miles of my route) and checked them out til I found one that was still open for the season, affordable and attractive. 

After finding my campsite, I went for a hike and found, just around the bend, this amazing view. 


And in the morning….


Of all of the places I’ve randomly found in my journies, this is one of the locations I most look forward to exploring further.  And it serves as a valuable reminder that sometimes its more than ok to skimp on the planning.

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