Half a day…

This morning I was up at 5 and on the road with Dani by half past. Our destination today was Yoho National Park, yet another gorgeous location.

Around 11 we were back in Canmore. Dani had to head home, so I went off in search of breakfast. I had a rather unfortunate experience with a restaurant in town (which I will post a separate review of), and ended up booking my hotel room for another night. The rest of my day was spent feeling rather ill in the hotel, but I’m on the mend and have at least been a bit productive.

I created a new Gallery on the web site and posted several photos from this trip. I also started playing around with some fun little videos I may upload tonight as well.

Since I was feeling better, I headed out for dinner at Elita Restaurant (which will also have its own review), where I had a MUCH more favorable experience.

Tomorrow we’re out bright and early again!

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