Review: Communitea Cafe, Canmore, Alberta

Communitea Cafe  (*see update at bottom of post*) had been recommended to me several times for their vegan options, so I went there for lunch today. I’d been up and about since 5, so my lunch time was 11am.

The place was very open, bright and inviting, both inside and out. There are ample tables and sitting areas, but without feeling cramped. They had free wifi and the tables were half filled with people tapping away or talking quietly together.

Communitea was still serving breakfast when I arrived, but that was fine by me. They had a small menu posted by the registers. There were a limited number of options and they were sold out of several options, but I picked their vegan breakfast wrap without the avocado and a french press of genmaicha tea.

My wait wasn’t long, but when the waitress brought my food, she immediately took it back because she noticed it had been made with avocado. Point to the waitress. She was back in short while with my “wrap”. The breakfast wrap is actually more of a quesadilla turned over on itself, very small and not very thick. It came with a very small stack of thinly sliced apple. It wasn’t bad tasting and my only real complaint at that point was I was going to be hungry again in an hour or two. The $8 seemed a tad steep considering.

Just as I was getting to the end of the ‘wrap’, a chunk of avocado fell out the end. This probably wouldn’t be a big deal for most people, but I have a pretty extreme food intolerance for avocado and I was suddenly made very aware that the sandwich hadn’t been remade, but had the visible avocado picked out. I wondered how much I’d eaten…maybe that had been the only piece. Wishful thinking.

A couple of minutes later, my stomach told me that hadn’t been the only avocado hidden away in there. I left quickly and spent the rest of my day feeling ill in my hotel room.

I like the atmosphere and the tea, but I was obviously (and quite uncomfortably) less than satisfied with the food. Your call on this one.

UPDATE: I missed it when it was sent but Communitea Cafe tweeted me offering me lunch if I were still in the area.  While I can’t take them up on the offer, I very much appreciate it and believe it shows a desire to please their customers.  Brownie points, Communitea!

UPDATE 2: Upon my reply that I was no longer in the area, Communitea Cafe has offered to refund my money.  I’d say that’s some lovely customer service. 🙂  I also suspect anyone with avocado-intolerance will likely have nothing to fear when dining here.  Now I want tea…

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