Forks, Mora, Rialto Beach, La Push…

From Port Angeles I headed to Forks, where the famed ‘Twilight’ book and movie series was based.  Along the way there was a section of road that was limited to one-way traffic, so I had a good 15-20 minutes to converse with Jim, the flag guy.  Jim was as friendly a Washingtonian as I’d come to expect and incredibly helpful.  He gave me quite a few tips on places to see in the area and regaled me with fascinating information about the park.

Once in Forks, I located the ranger station in town.  I had tried to google vegan-friendly restaurants in town, but the only results I was getting was for the ‘vegan vampires’ of the Twilight books.  The ranger I spoke with laughed at that and was able to point me in the diretion of a tiny Mexican restaurant.  At first glance, it was not the type of place I would have visited.  Stepping inside, I almost walked back out, but the ranger had assured me it was the best in town, so I went ahead and ordered my veg burrito.  It wasn’t at all bad.  Down the road, on the way to the Mora campground, I stopped at the second restaurant he had recommended for tater tots.  Yay, comfort food!

Mora is about 20 minutes from Forks and a heavily wooded, rainforest like campground.  Rialto Beach is only 2 miles further down the road, and La Push about 10.  Both places offer stunning views of the Pacific.  Rialto Beach was thrice recommended to me for sunset, so that is where I caught my first sunset on the Pacific.

Much more to talk about and photos to post, but its been a long couple of days and I’m about ready for some shut-eye.  Will update further when I can!

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