More Forks and Element Troubles…

So, as I continue to catch you up on my goings on…a bit more about Forks.  They’ve taken their ‘Twilight’ fame and run with it.  Most of the locals I talked to seemed to be quite amused by the whole thing.  Jim, who I’d met on my way to Forks during the delayed traffic, told me how there used to be  a “Reserved for Dr. Cullen” sign at the local hospital.  So, I’d been a little prepared for what to expect.  Driving into town, there was a large banner welcoming visitors to Stephanie Meyer Day.  Most of the shops had some sort of Twilight sign in the windows.

What was really funny, though, was what I saw on my way to Mora, which is next to La Push:

For those not familiar with the books/movies: The vampires in Forks have a treaty with the werewolves in La Push…and there is a boundary line.  I just hadnt quite expected to find one inserted into the real world!

In the restaurant on the way to La Push, where the above sign was found, was also:

(A lifesize cardboard cutout of the Twilight cast and a blow-up of the restaurants Twilight inspired menu items, including the ‘Werewolf Burger’)

Once in the Mora campground, things were back to nature.  And Rialto Beach really was a beautiful location.  A quick cell phone capture from my time there:

Driftwood….more like Drifttrees!
Sunset on Rialto Beach…

There wasn’t much light out when I headed back to camp, so I turned on my headlights.  Nothing.  Within a week of leaving home, the passenger side headlight and parking light on my Honda Element had gone out.  I’d just replaced the headlight bulbs earlier in  the year.  Combine that with the parking light also going out and I assumed it was something electrical.  I’d checked around for mechanics who could take a quick look at it during this trip, but hadn’t had any luck yet.  Several days ago the passenger side parking light had suddenly started working again.  And now the left headlight was out.  As I couldn’t very well wander around with nothing but highbeams, so finding a mechanic was first on my agenda for the following day.

Well, after shooting sunrise at La Push anyways.  I felt like a complete jerk driving with my high beams on, muttering ‘sorrysorrysorry’ at the guy who flashed his high beams at me to let me know mine were on.  🙁 Sorry, man.

It was really foggy, but I think my camera images managed to capture some nice views (still, these cell phone shots aren’t too much of an embarrassment, haha).

As soon as my morning light had risen too high and bright for the shots I wanted, I headed back to Forks.  I stopped for coffee at the shop in town and the waitress told me where to find their one mechanic.  The Forks mechanic listened to my story and said he couldnt help me.  He had work to do and would have order any parts I might need.  My best bet would be to return to Port Angeles.

So, I drove the hour+ back to Port Angeles.  But, silver lining, I got to get good coffee at Bella Rosa Coffeehouse again. One of the customers there directed me to one of the local mechanics.  That mechanic said since it was Friday, they had too much work to finish up, but that I might try the place up the road.

John Wayne’s Automotive Repair was awesome.  The man I spoke with said that he couldn’t do anything until Monday, but why don’t we try putting in a new bulb, just in case.  And dontchaknow, it worked?  I told him I needed to stop over-thinking things.  The parking light going out at the same time must have been a coincidence.  Apparently, my high-performance bulbs I put in earlier in the year, while making a big difference, also die very quickly.  I had though I might have to replace them next year, but in 6-8 months?  Sheesh.

So, many, many thanks to John Wayne’s for taking the time to take a look at my car!

My car all happy and lit up again, I headed back towards Forks.  Along the way I detoured and headed for the Makah Indian Reservation.  There I hiked the Cape Flattery Trail which led me to the most Northwestern point of the lower United States.

The hike seemed a tad longer on the way back up…odd how that happens on those downhill trails.

I backtracked and found my route again, passing through Forks to get groceries before continuing on to the Hoh Rainforest.

More later!


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  1. Jen. Really enjoy reading your updates ..keep up the good much longer do you expect to be out there….be safe please

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