Crater Lake

Crater Lake is only a few hours away from Eugene, Oregon and most of it is through various National Forests.  The drive was a nice way to start to unwind from my two nights and a day working in a motel room.  Once I reached Crater Lake I discovered that there was no cell phone reception within the entire campground.  I was at first dismayed, but soon realized I could appreciate the drastic change from the past few days.  Plunging right back into camping and roughing it, eh?

And Crater Lake is a very pretty site, a brilliantly blue lake lined by cliff walls…

I suspected sunrise could  be really amazing here, so I was in position when the sun’s first light started rising over the edges of Crater Lake.  This cell phone picture really does NOT do justice to the vibrancy and beauty and light of the morning, but its the smallest hint of what it actually was:

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