Reno! And who wants free stuff?

This is just a quick stop on my way East towards Utah.  I’d heard of a decent KOA from a fellow camper when I was in North Dakota and as I don’t know the area, that’s the location I headed for.  Turns out there is no tent camping allowed within city limits, so this KOA is limited to RVs, but sleeping in my Element counts, so they let me stay (and at a great deal too!).

I’ve done my laundry, had a shower and have been debating whether I should go throw some money away at the casino before I go.  I mean, this KOA is part of the casino, so it would be understandable,yeah?

In the spirit of, well, free stuff…because thats what gambling is all about, right? Trying to win money for free (ish)?  I’m going to have a little raffle type thing.

I want an additional 50 followers in the next month.  I should be back home by then.  Should I reach that goal, I will pick two people (one person and the person they choose when entering) at random for a free 12×18 print (normally $54) of any print from this trip (see the On The Road gallery at

So, here’s how to become eligible to win:

Follow my blog (its easy to hit the button to the right and sign up via email! ) and then comment on this post.  In your comment name one other person you’d like to see win (probably a good idea to use initials or first name and initial).  If you win, they win!   If they follow, comment and name you- you win if they win!  Yay!

So, get your friends on over here and lets reach that goal of 50 new followers. 🙂

NOTE: Because of shipping costs, this will only be open to people living in the United States, UNLESS the person is willing to pay the shipping difference for going outside the US. 

10 thoughts on “Reno! And who wants free stuff?

  1. This is such a clever idea! I was about to post a blog entry linking to your photography and I think I’ll also link to this post. Because who wouldn’t want to follow your awesome adventures *and* possibly win an awesome photo of yours!

    And I think my mother would love a print of yours so I’m going to leave her name, Linda W.

  2. Been reading, but now officially following! (WM from FB). And I would like to nominate Beth B. as my cohort in my winnings!

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  4. I love your bloc chica, and that mountain shot belongs in my wall. Fingers crossed. And a person I would like to see receive one. D.j.f.

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