New trip coming up!

I decided a couple of weeks back to plan a spring visit to Great Smoky Mountain National Park in TN.  I visit every fall, but its been several years since I visited in the spring.  I’m pretty excited about it! 

To add a little more adventure to the trip, I’m considering taking a longer route with a detour to Kentucky.  I’ve long thought I should check out Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky since its not TOO far out of the way, so I think I’ll fit that in this trip.

To make that idea even more appealing, that means I’ll be only a couple of hours from Nashville where several of my friends live.  A good excuse to explore Nashville, visit with good people and listen to live music!

I’m very excited to get to see the Smoky Mountains in spring again:

ImageHorses of Cade’s Cove stables.


Young deer in the woods…


Wild boar family.Image

Black Bear trying to figure out his best route back down the tree.Image

Curious young deer.

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