What would you like to know?

In the past, my blog entries have mostly covered the day to day experiences while traveling.  I’d like to know if there are specific topics anyone would like to hear about. 

I’ve got a few weeks before my next  trip and I’m planning on covering several topics before I go, including how I set up my Honda Element for a trip and what sort of information I gather before heading towards a new (or old) location. 

So lets hear it- what would you like to know- about travel, about preparation, about specific locations or just about me? 

2 thoughts on “What would you like to know?

  1. How you pack the Element. The most random things you find – people or things or places. Gear and how it worked for certain times or not others. Places to eat, drink and be merry. More pics of the details. Editing secrets and tips. Ummmm.. zombies? Lol!

  2. Hi, the planning, research and information you gather would great! Trails, hikes, scenic places to shoot – I have the hardest time finding that information sometimes.

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