2013 Year In Review In Pictures: March

March in Maryland is cold and dreary and at the end of what is, to me, a really long and bleak winter.

I wasn’t getting much inspiration, so I decided to embrace the world of Instagram for the month of March.

IMG_20130306_011608 IMG_20130306_011815

IMG_20130308_213528 IMG_20130309_130958

IMG_20130313_202405 IMG_20130325_093743


I also spent a good amount of time drawing in my studio.  Judging by both my photographs and my art, I may be a little morose by the end of winter.



Zombie Bunnies. My dear friend had been telling me how hallucinatingly tired he was from his travels.
Sometimes I turn my friends into cartoon characters

My month-by-month 2013 year in review is convincing me I need to get out more during the winter months.

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