Rules, Shmules.

I ran out last minute this evening to photograph the sunset.  The spot I was heading  towards was inaccessible, so even more last minute, I headed in another direction.

The sky was brilliant, with light reflecting off the impressive storm clouds that were rolling in.  It was perfect for a panoramic of the Kent Narrows…but I’d chosen the wrong vantage point.  At the end of a doc, which angled just so that the corner post was in the way and unless I wanted to hang off the dock and try to swing my camera’s view AROUND that post, I was out of luck.  Sort of.

I tried starting the panoramic from two directions, meeting in the middle from slightly different angles.  It worked…sort of, but the stitching was tricky.


So I went with the obvious solution.


Or, well…I decided the panoramic needed a post?

Sometimes bad planning means having make do with what you can do.  Oddly enough, the panoramic with a post is sort of growing on me.

I had just enough light left to hit another location a couple of miles away.  And since I was breaking all the rules and running out of light…


Tide like this calls for longer exposure.  And there’s a port-a-potty in the shot.  Some days are just practice runs for days with better time management and planning.

I can’t complain.  I still got to SEE the beautiful skies and experience shooting in perfect spring weather.

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