Upcoming Travels & More Photos

This Woman Wanders has been a quiet blog this past year.  I was on a bit of a hiatus from traveling, though I did work locally on occasion.  I shared a bit of that work on Facebook, but failed to take into consideration those that aren’t on Facebook.  Sorry about that, folks!

Hopefully, sharing these upcoming travel plans and promising more photo updates will make up for my neglect a bit.

I’ll be spending several weeks this fall in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee chasing leaves, bear and light.  Every year I say how I wish I had scheduled more than a week down there, so this year I’ve scheduled two.  Hopefully I’ve timed my visit to coincide correctly with the changing of the leaves and the bears foraging for winter food.

And, then, come the Spring…a return to The Great American Roadtrip!  As always, my route is likely to shift around and is never set in stone, but the current ‘guideline’ is looking like this:


Some amazing women will be joining me for portions of my travels- photographers, adventurers and musicians.  There’s the possibility of videos, interviews and guest blogs from my good friends.  Its going to be awesome and I can’t wait to share it with you.



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