Sales and Travels and Photos, Oh My

Last month I created a new Gallery at for monthly sales of up to 50% off.  I had thought to put 12 images in  the Gallery each month, as I did last month.  This month I started with 12 images; some were already on the web site and others were new. I then thought “Why not add lots more photos that may or may not end up on the web site after this month?”

I take a lot of photographs and many only ever get seen on Facebook or in a blog post or by only myself.  Maybe because I don’t know if they are good enough or would appeal to enough people.  For at least the month of February, though, many of these photographs will be available in the sale Gallery.

Its taking me a bit longer to get back in the habit of blogging my adventures.  It seems getting back into traveling and photographing was taking much of my available effort and time.  My computer is full of half edited photo galleries and half written blog entries.  I’ll get there, I promise!

In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peak of my wanderings through the Grayson Highlands of Virginia with my adventure buddy, Poe.  <3

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