Oh, The Owls…

In 2008 a friend and I were camping at Tuckahoe State Park here on the eastern shore of Maryland.  By a stroke of good luck, we happened to be there on a day when “Scales & Tales” was being offered.  Scales and Tales is an environmental education program provided by the Maryland Department of Natural … More Oh, The Owls…

I recently returned from another productive trip to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.  I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph with two of my favorite ladies- Cahlean Klenke and Natasha Pierce.  For the three of us to come together in one of my favorite locations from our homes in Maryland, Minnesota and Oklahoma was something … More

Meeting A Snake

I love being eye-to-eye when taking snake photos.  Soon as I determine a snake I come across is harmless and its safe to do so, I’m on my belly and composing snake portraits.  If I came across more snakes in my wanderings, I’d likely start a Snakes Of Whatever Instagram and pretend to have conversations … More Meeting A Snake

A high point!

Late in the evening, driving back to camp along a dirt road after shooting the sunset near Ridgway, Colorado, something large loped into the road a few hundred feet ahead of me.  It was so unexpected that it took me a few seconds to take in the size, color and movement of the animal and … More A high point!

Devil’s Tower

This trip was the second time I made a quick stop at Devil’s Tower National Monument on my way to someplace else.  As before, though I had forgotten until I was there again, I wished I had scheduled more time. Devil’s Tower itself is, of course, the main attraction, domineering the landscape, but its not … More Devil’s Tower

Lamar Valley

Each area of Yellowstone National Park is so disparate from the other that I often feel like I’ve been teleporting between different lands.  Traveling from the Mammoth area to Lamar Valley takes me through an ever changing landscape.  By the time I’m in Lamar Valley, I feel like I’ve entered the Land Of The Lost, … More Lamar Valley