Day 2 Wanderings

Today was a little more eventful as I made a point of stopping often to explore and stretch my legs. In Ohio, I attempted to find a good spot to photograph the fog -like haze that covered everything,  but with so flat a landscape,  there want an easy vantage point.  I did consider climbing on … More Day 2 Wanderings

Day 1 done!

I had an uneventful drive to Columbus,  Ohio.  Nice weather, little traffic and covered the miles in 7 1/2 hours. I’ll be heading to Illinois in the morning and hope to get out with the camera tomorrow evening.

The New Route….

As I mentioned previously, I decided it was a good idea to skip some of my original route in the Northwest because of all the forest fires.  My new route includes extra time spent in Colorado and Utah, and even a little stop in New Mexico. Key destinations include: Badlands National Park Glacier National Park, … More The New Route….


During this trip planning process I’ve been keeping an eye on the wildfires out west and hoping for the best.  I’ve decided that some major edits need to be made to my route.  I was very much looking forward to revisiting the Northwest, but it will have to wait. This leaves me rerouting the entire … More Rerouting

Bombay Hook Anew

I recently had a friend visit from Colorado and spent a couple of days showing him around the eastern shore of Maryland.  Exploring familiar places with someone who’s never visited brings a whole new perspective.  I found myself zeroing in on small details, colors and textures. At Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, I studied the … More Bombay Hook Anew

Rainy Days

There’s been very little sun this week and today the overcast skies barely lightened enough to feel like daytime.  I wanted to find some nice moss to transplant into a terrarium at home.  Walking along,  scouring the ground for just the right patch,  I spotted something smooth and glistening.  Kneeling,  I found myself staring into … More Rainy Days